IOLAS Consulting

IOLAS Consulting offers consulting services for users of IOLAS, an online tool for matching people with careers, schools, and courses of study.

We work with:

  • students — high school juniors and seniors, as well as college students
  • parents, friends, and guardians of students, and
  • adults in career transition or who are exploring career options in retirement.

As IOLAS experts, we can provide an in-depth look at your results and point out things that may not be obvious, such as which attributes of a career will provide the most job satisfaction for you. We also have additional information and advanced tools that can shed even more light on your unique profile.

Each consulting session is at least 60 minutes long and is conducted online. With only a web browser and a telephone, you’ll connect with us from the comfort of your home, home office, or wherever you prefer to be.

  • No need to install any special software
  • You’ll see your IOLAS Consultant on video
  • Audio will be over the phone
  • We can conference in a relative or friend from their location, as well.

During your consultation, we’ll:

  • answer any questions you may have about your IOLAS results.
  • provide insights based on the additional information we have access to, such as jobs that may not be in your match list but that interest you.
  • explore the Advanced Report, accessible only to IOLAS Consultants, that can provide even more insights into your results.

Afterwards you’ll receive your customized consultation session report, which includes notes about our conversation as well as reminders of the careers, schools, and courses we discussed and the Next Steps we identified during our session. See a sample.

Are IOLAS Consultants career counselors?

No, but we are experts on IOLAS. And we have access to information that isn’t available in the IOLAS Report. In our experience, most people simply want information — about careers, schools, and courses of study — and we can provide that.

That’s why our consulting session costs only $149, including the cost of the IOLAS report. Compare that to a career counselor, whose fees can extend into the thousands.

How do we get started?

Sign up to receive an IOLAS Survey link and to secure your appointment with an IOLAS consultant.

We’ll send you a link where you can take the survey and be in touch to schedule the consultation.